longhurst7 Star Concrete Passive Solar House

One of the warmest and coolest, most energy efficient homes ever designed by Bob Burnett Architecture, this home has an 8 star Homestar rating and a Lifemark 4 star rating.

The huge thermal mass keeps it an even temperature, cool in summer as well as warm in winter. Great care and thought went into eliminating any thermal bridging causing losses. The dedicated owners and their ethos was key to the projects success, preferring more concrete mass rather than expensive finishes, with focus being on environmentally sound comfort and not showy bling which is in contrast to the majority of neighbours near the top of Cashmere on the port hills.

A two storey home with a floor area that measures just in excess of 152 square metres. Insulated precast concrete panel thermomass construction has been carefully detailed to provide a high performance thermal envelope to eliminate thermal leakage. Instead of using steel bolts threaded fibreglass rods were substituted because they have much less conductivity. It features PV solar electric panels grid tied and high performance glazing and has a solar wall collector to pre-warm fresh air, which is then fed into an energy recovery ventilation system (ERV). Oh yeah must mention also, with its 300mm thick concrete walls it is built like the proverbial, so it would be the last house standing if the unthinkable happens and there is another big quake.

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