8star-home8 Star – MOD House

Designed to fit a small infill site (300sqm) house and double garage are 149 square metres. The design is a “spatially aware and efficient layout” and the house itself is only 113 square metres. With 4 bedrooms and 2 bathrooms there is plenty of space or with adaptable layout a multifunction room provides for 2 living spaces. Variations in ceiling heights provide a perception of space that feels greater than you would first assume given the size of the footprint.

It also has a very small ecological footprint, targeting zero energy use through excellent thermal design and the use of PV solar panels to provide more than enough power.
The home has been designed to incorporate key dimensions and features of the Lifemark standards, which provide enhanced functionality and safety for all ages and abilities, and not just those that must rely on accessible design.

Thicker walls are multipurpose – both better thermally, getting more insulation into the walls and also making for a stronger house in an earthquake. Combine this with wrapping the house with Eco-ply Barrier for improved air tightness. the result is a warm, healthy, solid, well braced home that is unlikely to be to be damaged in an Earthquake.

Electrical systems are design to have reduce power usage with non essential circuits master switched and automated electronic control systems to save power. Light fittings are a combination of surface mounted LED and fluorescent fitting. 3D computer thermal modelling has been used to analyse the home’s performance and running cost.

2013 ADNZ Resene Architectural Design Awards – Mod House

Residential Compact New Home up to 150 sqm

An environmentally sound 149sqm timber frame home costing $300,000, this home is amongst the most energy efficient houses in New Zealand and is one of the first 8-star Homestar rated homes. Modest, modern, modular and earthquake resilient the rationale was to create a model house that demonstrates that building high performance homes can be achieved affordably. The home also has a very small ecological footprint – targeting zero energy use through excellent thermal design and the use of PV solar panels to provide more than enough power



  • Homestar 8 star
  • Lifemark 4 star
  • Rain water harvesting
  • high performance thermal envelope
  • PV solar power
  • non toxic & eco preferred materials
  • efficient lighting and electrical


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