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ARCHITECTURAL DESIGNER Bob Burnett of Eversun Homes has overseen the completion
of two innovative and affordable eco-homes designed to achieve an 8-star Homestar rating, making them among the
more energy-efficient homes in the country. assume, given the size of the footprint. Burnett says they are targeting zero energy
use through excellent thermal design and the use of PV solar panels to provide more than enough power.

The other is a 152 m2 2-storey home built using insulated precast concrete panel thermomass construction carefully detailed to eliminate thermal leakage, for example, bolts are nylon instead of steel to avoid thermal conductivity. It too features PV solar and
high-performance glazing and has a solar wall (collector) to prewarm fresh air, which is then fed into an ERV (energy-recovery
ventilation system). Both houses incorporate key dimensions and features of the Lifemark standards for
enhanced functionality and safety for all ages and abilities.

Thicker wall framing standard The timber homes Bob Burnett designs have thicker wall framing as standard. These are
multi-purpose – they improve thermal An environmental home integrated into bush at Allandale, Banks Peninsula.
Two 8-star homes The first is a modest 113 m2 timber-frame home with four bedrooms and two bathrooms (see cover). Variations in ceiling heights provide a perception of space making it feel larger than you would