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Energy Efficient Home Scores Perfect 10

3 News_5 Aug 2015
chsq 3newsThe most energy efficient house in the country has been officially unveiled in Christchurch.
Its designer had been aiming for a nine-star energy efficiency rating and this afternoon he was awarded a perfect 10 – the first ever in Australasia.
Most houses in New Zealand only carry a three-star energy efficiency rating – the minimum requirement of the building code.
So for the three-bedroom, two-storey Addington home to achieve a perfect 10, architect Bob Burnett had to think outside the box.
That includes 18 solar panels neatly tucked out of view on the roof, generating ample electricity. It’s seriously insulated of course and has in-floor heating and a reclaimed heat ventilation system.

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New Zealand most energy efficient house ever


Here’s a question as we come into winter: What do you expect your average electricity billto be?  A couple of hundred dollars a month?

Maybe you’ve got a big house that’s hard to heat and it ends up costing $300 to $400 a month.

Tonight, Campbell Live wanted to show viewers a new three-bedroom home that when completed, will be New Zealand most energy efficient house ever; a house claimed to be so efficient, the electricity bills are predicted to be nothing.

The big question: why aren’t all new homes built to this standard?
John Sellwood travelled to the suburb of Addington in Christchurch to meet the builders, architects and owners of a house with a Homestar rating of nine – a rating that has never been given before.

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Exemplar Demonstration Project, NZ’s First 10 Star homes

The project provides a model for a new standard of housing expected to influence the Christchurch affordable housing rebuild market. Warm, dry, and healthy, energy efficient and environmentally sound. These 10 star homes demonstrate innovations and future-proof options of energy efficient environmental design.

They are to be used as demonstration homes and as a communication tool for a new initiative which brings together industry expertise in the energy efficient, environmentally sound home design and construction with the target to construct 1000 homestar 7 or above homes in 3 years. These 10 homestar rated homes also demonstrate the varying levels of specification that may be implemented for 6, 7, 8, 9 stars with associated levels of build costs and running cost which consequently have differing payback periods and end property values.